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A large percentage of men and women across the globe are affected with hereditary hair loss. A whopping 75% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 60 years and 35% of women by the same age. The total number of hairs on the average head is about 100,000 and typically it is normal to shed between 80 – 100 hairs per day in the normal growth cycle. Hereditary hair loss however can affect this equation dramatically, so finding a healthy hair care treatment can help retention and longevity to a person’s hair much longer than expected. even if they are suffering from genetic hair loss. In this fast-paced world, how much time can you actually spend treating your hair? For those looking for a hair regrowth solution or to prevent the onset of hair loss, there is now an answer to keeping your hair through an easy to use programme. Choosing a natural effective solution is imperative for treatments that are going to be used on an ongoing basis and that product is Regrowz Natural Hair loss Treatment for men and women – this is a perfect hair regrowth treatment prepared from 100% natural ingredients. It provides the right kind of nourishment for the scalp providing hair with the right environment for healthy growth. REGROWZ ensures permanent hair regrowth and the retention of the existing hair.


Taking regular care of your hair is as important as looking after your health in general. As part of the hair-care initiative, Regrowz will maintain a healthy hair growth cycle, and provide essential nutrition that is required for healthy scalp environment and ongoing retention of hair density and growth.

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If you think hair thinning and baldness only affected the older generation, then you are in for a surprise. Male pattern baldness is the cause of 95% of hair loss in men and female pattern loss has a similar statistic. The psychologically painful process can begin in the late teens for the unlucky ones. To combat this unhappy situation Regrowz has built a digital awareness page to help you know more about the condition.

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Not all that you touch is gold. There are a variety of hair regrowth and hair-sustaining products with a combination of ingredients available in the market. Some vouch for clinical evidence while others don’t. Know more about the safest elements that can promote healthy hair growth.

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product for hair regrowth and to reduce the miniaturisation of the hair follicle

Regrowz hair loss treatment was clinically proven to work for 100% of subjects within our clinical trial , all of whom experienced hair regrowth after just three months. The product works by increasing your blood circulation and collagen production in the scalp, and nourishing your hair follicles to promote regrowth. It is easy to apply, fitting conveniently into your grooming routine every second day.

REGROWZ Hair Regrowth Serum

The serum is made with natural extracts that promote hair growth without side effects.

Key Ingredients:

REGROWZ only uses proven natural extracts as ingredients.

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REGROWZ is a clinically proven, 100% natural hair product. Clinically tested prior to its release, REGROWZ has experienced one of the best and most positive results compared with other hair care products available in the market. Check out the videos presented by our experts who provide a comprehensive analytical report on REGROWZ.

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The video shows the simple steps that can be used to apply the REGROWZ serum for the most effective hair regrowth results. To know more about our products, ingredients and associated results, subscribe to our official YouTube video channel.

Regrowz serum application process Regrowz serum application process   APPLICATION PROCESS