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The roots of hair growth in Ayurveda

Daswani Flowers Ancient texts have always recommended natural and organic forms of treatment for continued hair maintenance, growth and in our case, even regrowth. Ayurveda believes in holistic health care in which, hair care is one of the most vital parts of the routine. According to Ayurveda, an individual’s health is determined by the diet and lifestyle adopted by the person. Besides, there are also some power-packed remedies for hair restoration. REGROWZ uses the same formula to intensify hair growth and inhibit hair loss through a mixture of Daswani flowers. With meticulous research, our technicians have incorporated a special formulation of 10 flowers that make up the unique ingredient present in REGROWZ.

1. Hibiscus:

Scientific name: Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

With several references in Ayurvedic medicine, the hibiscus or shoe flower, stimulates thicker hair growth due to the high content of mucilage polysaccharides that retain the moisture in dry and damaged hair and scalp. The flower extract also helps preserve the natural colour of hair.

2. Hops:

Scientific name: Humulus lupulus

This flowering plant is native to Europe, North America and Western Asia and is known to cure several illnesses. It has a strong fragrance, tastes sour and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a natural herbal remedy, its extract can address ADHD, bladder infection, can prevent cancer and high cholesterol. The herbal flower also helps protects the skin from infections and controls dandruff and hair fall. It cures the dead skin on the scalp that blocks the pores.

3. Calendula:

Scientific name: Calendula Officinalis

Also called Pot Marigold, the plant belongs to the daisy family. The plant is native to Western Europe, Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean and grows flowers that are yellow to bright-orange in colour. Studies have proven that the extract of the plant and its flowers have detoxifying effects and also have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-genotoxic properties.

4. Chamomile:

Scientific name: Chamomilla recutita (German)

The plant like Calendula, has long been known to act as a healing aid, specifically for wound care. It is also utilised in the treatment of menstrual disorders, muscle spasms, hay fever, insomnia and ulcers. Its calming properties are helpful in the treatment of inflammation, which afflicts the scalp and often leads to hair loss. The extract successfully helps in the maintenance of hair and scalp.

5. Lavender:

Scientific name: Lavandula Augustifolia

Lavender has an uplifting fragrance and is used proactively in aromatherapy. It is known to resolve anxiety, depression and insomnia. Studies and medical research indicate a strong correlation between fatigue, stress and hair loss. Lavender is also used in the treatment of alopecia. Extracts of lavender are present in REGROWZ to help combat alopecia and give the scalp a soothing effect.

6. Rose:

Scientific name: Rosa Damascene

Rose has healing and beautifying properties that are extremely popular. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-diabetic agents. The flower has also been included in HIV studies due to its anti-viral properties. Apart from its usage as a remedy to ailments such as chest inflammation and digestive problems, the extract is extremely beneficial for hair due to its ability to reduce free-radical damage. It acts as an excellent conditioner for the scalp.

7. Horsetail:

Scientific name: Equisetum arvensa

The extract of horsetail is considered as one of the most potent and natural solutions for promoting hair growth. Oxygen supply to the hair follicles are increased as the blood vessels are stimulated. It also contains a flavonoid called Quercetin and silica both of which, help fortify new hair and repair damaged hair.

8. Jasmine:

Scientific name: Jasminum

The shrub belongs to the olive family and comes with an unbeatable fragrance. It provides several solutions for hair care. The aroma is a stress reliever and the extract of the flower cures dry and frizzy hair and nourishes it. In REGROWZ, it helps strengthen the roots of the hair and acts as an antiseptic.

9. Tuberose:

Scientific name: Polianthes tuberosa

This sweet-smelling flower is also called night rose and is purported to attract snakes, but is a strong aphrodisiac that relaxes the mind. The flower is white and waxy and has sedative effects to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and is known to cure insomnia. The warming effect of its extract helps boost blood circulation that stimulates hair growth.

10. Bhringraj:

Scientific name: Eclipta prostrate

This medicinal herb grows in the areas which are abundant with moisture. Ayurvedic medicine actively uses Bhringraj to cleanse the liver besides extracting its oil to treat various hair and skin problems. This effective hair care ingredient rejuvenates the scalp, reduces greying of hair and acts as a powerful conditioner for the hair.