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Citrus Limon

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What is Citrus Limon?

Citrus Limon The common name for Citrus Limon is lemon. The tree was in olden times cultivated widely in China and India and subsequently adopted by the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians and finally the civilisations of the Mediterranean. Lemon was and is used in a variety of ways due to its healthy configuration. Ancient literature has several prescriptions with lemon. Today hot regions like Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, China, USA, France, Italy and Spain also cultivate lemon.

Citrus Limon formulation

Sailors consumed the lemon widely in the middle ages because it could avoid deficiencies of vitamin C. The lemon has an interesting combination:

  • It is rich in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A and B.

  • Contains potassium, phosphor, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.

  • Has some quantities of copper, iron and magnesium.

  • Essential oils in the lemon are made up of carotenoids and coumarins; the lemon oil is known as dextrogyre.

  • Powerful anti-oxidants in lemon can battle several bacterial strains; it contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Lemon juice contains approximately 7 to 9% of citric acid.

  • According to the USDA about 58 g of lemon without peel consists of 17 cals.,0.6 g protein, 0.2 g fat, 1.5 g fibre, 1.5 g sugar and 51% vitamin C.

The multiple health benefits of Citrus Limon

The Citrus Limon has several health benefits and medicinal uses:

  • The lemon juice combats scurvy due to its anti-scorbutic properties and also diaphoretic and diuretic droughts are avoided.

  • It is also recommended for acute rheumatism and counteracting narcotic and opium overdoses.

  • Eating high amounts of lemons lowers the risk of stroke.

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant and inhibits the formation of free radicals that cause cancer.

  • Whether consumed or applied topically lemon maintains a healthy complexion and improves overall skin texture; it also fights skin damage due to pollution and over-exposure to the sun.

  • It increases the absorption of iron and boosts the immune system.

  • Throat infections, high blood pressure, respiratory disorders, cholera and internal bleeding are also allayed with the usage of lemon.

How does Citrus Limon help in hair loss and growth?

Lemon can sustain a healthy and strong hair. Unchecked hair loss can lead to baldness. The essential nutrient for hair health is vitamin C which is in abundance in lemon.

  • Dead skin on the scalp known as dandruff disrupts the growth of hair. Constant itching and scratching the scalp leads to hair loss. Lemon juice effectively eliminates dandruff from the hair promoting hair growth.

  • Oily hair can make existing hair dirty quickly. The juice of lemon cleans the dirt off the hair making it smoother, softer and shinier. It also effectively moisturises the hair retaining its health.

  • Hair turns blonde due to over-exposure to the sun. Lemon extract can be a useful applicant to prevent discolouration of hair.