Why is my hair curling suddenly after so many years of being straight?

/ Blog / Why is my hair curling suddenly after so many years of being straight?

Right from my young age, I had long, healthy, and straight hair which suddenly started curling in recent years. I was confused and left to lurch when I first saw my hair curling steadily for no reason.

To find out the reason, I started referring plenty of scientific journals, weekly publications, scholarly articles that are related to hair curl and concluded that hair curl is a natural genetical process that happens when one reaches mid-age.

Yes, of course, I am in my mid-age, and the extracts that I got from various publications are nothing but factual information. Even one can experience hair curl when suffering from extreme stress or anxiety.

Maybe I am suffering from hair curl due to stress which has become part and parcel of my life. The good news is that I am managing my stress and anxiety well by doing relaxation techniques.

Coming back to hair curl, let us first examine in detail what is the remedy and how to manage the hair curl efficiently. If hair curls are caused by ageing or genetic factors, then you cannot do anything and leave it just like that.

On the other hand, if hair curls are caused due to external factors like dandruff, dust, chemical reactions, or lice, then you should strictly follow the steps highlighted below. You can see a big difference happening in a short period when you follow the below instructions correctly.

Stop using chemically prepared or manufactured shampoos.

Shampoos that you find in the medical shops, departmental stores, or pharmacies may contain dangerous toxic chemicals like sulfate and detergent that can harm your hair and scalp quickly. You should stop using such chemical-based shampoos that contain sulfate, glycol, and ammonium chloride and start using natural prepared or manufactured shampoos.

Apply natural hair oils that are free from toxic elements

If you are suffering from severe hair curl, dandruff, and dirt accumulation on the hair, then you should take regular head baths and use natural and organically prepared coconut oil after wiping your head using a clean piece of cloth. When you follow this method for a few days, you can see the best results.

Follow a proper diet that has a high amount of minerals, vitamins, and calcium

If your hair is curly, then you should stop eating fast foods and start eating foods that are naturally rich in fibres, minerals, vitamins, and calcium. You can discuss your hair problems with your family physicians or dermatologists and follow their diet plans and medicines.

You should also drink fresh fruit juices regularly and observe the difference in hair colour and texture.

Use high-quality comb and other hair products that come from branded companies

You should stop using inferior quality combs and start using branded combs and hair care products. Your hair will get that polished and stylish look when you use these types of branded products. You can use a hairdryer on the curly area after taking a head bath and see the difference.

You can find some of the best quality tested hair care products when you explore the websites.