Wearing a hat can make you go bald – Myth or Fact?

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Whether you are wearing a hat or not, MPB or patterned baldness is one of the most common forms of hair loss that is pretty widespread. The cause is attributed predominantly to genetics and hormones and, well, not hats. There are several drugs available in the market that can interrupt the MPB’s metabolism. While hair regrowth is not promised, at least hair retention can be achieved.

Most of us consider hats as harmless pieces of headgear that do not advent hair disease. In fact, they provide protection against harmful external elements when we are outside. Theories are abundant, which also debunk the fact that hats strain the hair, thus wearing out the hair follicles, and eventually causing them to fall out – permanently. But there are other cases where the innocuous chapeau has actually been proven to cause balding and hair loss.

Traction alopecia

Traction alopecia is a caused due to friction or traction of the hairs that are fitted together tightly in the form of a braid or with the help of a tight-fitting hat. Hair breaks when the hat, over time, rubs against certain areas of the scalp. For that matter, the prolonged use of any headgear like scarves and caps can cause hair loss as well.

In traction alopecia, hair loss is gradual and primarily caused by a force that is applied to the hair, externally. The sufferer in such cases is frequently wearing their hair in a particular way that is leading to loss of hair. Occasionally, people with long hair using barrettes may also experience traction alopecia. Hair reacts to chronic traction and the hairline starts to recede slowly. On physical examination, this recession is characterised by a fringe along the marginal hairline.

Wearing A Hat Can Cause Hair Loss

Other causes of traction alopecia