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People notice hair lines more than they notice the eyes.

Women with thinning hair are in anguish and even as they lose hair it is only an impending evidence that there is a health problem in the offing. Hair loss and balding don’t affect men alone, they affect women too. In Britain, it is estimated that approximately six million women suffer from hair thinning and in spite of its popular proliferation, it is still largely regarded as a taboo. There is no doubt that a woman is devastated by hair loss leading to a loss in self-confidence too.

The causes of hair loss are broadly attributed to stress, chemotherapy, illness, and aging to name a few. Though research shows that thinning hair in women points to an underlying health problem. The hair is the first signal to hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, excessive stress, vitamin deficiency and any other disease leading to a decline in health status.

Women vitamin D deficiency

How does vitamin D benefit our body?

Vitamin D is responsible for mineralizing the skeleton or the bones in our body. It helps maintain the normal levels of phosphorus and aids in the absorption of calcium, which improves bone health and decreases fractures. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, it helps in reducing the risks of heart disease, multiple sclerosis and even minimises the chances of developing flu. Besides, it also reduces depression by regulating a person’s mood. For individuals who wish to lose weight, a daily vitamin D supplement can actually help weight loss.

Indications of vitamin D deficiency:

Vitamin D deficiency is a major risk factor leading to alopecia areata.

Where can you find vitamin D?

You can find vitamin D in: