Testing Your Long Hair For Health

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For most of us, the length of our hair is one of our main goals. But it would be a long time before you begin seeing some results. Once you have achieved your objective, you must also ensure that you sustain it. Maybe your long hair is not so healthy after all. To avoid regression, you should see the evidence of health in your hair regularly.

It is almost impossible for hair to avoid some type of abuse, with the climatic changes, the different types of brushes and combs that we run through it, the rough pillowcases we sleep on and many times with the use our own hands. Damage can be induced even when two hair strands rub against each other. As hair grows longer, its exposure to damage also augments.

Test your hair in any state for health in these four ways:

The state of your curliest hair

Extremely curly hair can seem untidy. Some of them believe that the best way to check for their curly hair’s health is by straightening it. Unfortunately, this is not true. This only determines split ends. Pull your curls far enough to see how it bounces back after it has been pulled at. If it shrinks back exactly to its original position, then you have strong, healthy hair. Otherwise, it may not be a good sign.

Softness and manageability of hair

Due to the lack of moisture and protein hair becomes brittle and hard. Other factors such as improper diet and not consuming enough water, only add to the situation. Run your fingers through your hair to see if they are soft or hard.

Moisture and porosity

Test the porosity levels of the hair naturally, when you keep hair in the water. If the hair drops down below the cup, it means it is absorbing a lot of water and is actually damaged. This is primarily because the hair cannot retain the moisture it has absorbed. A normally porous hair will not sink the entire depth. But it also means that anything can penetrate into the hair. The porosity of hair can be medium, high or low. Due to the hair’s consistent exposure to heat and friction and lack of proper care, the hair cuticles are lifted or even missing in many cases. This makes it difficult for the hair to preserve moisture. Heat oil treatments or washing hair with hot water can make a difference.

Testing the elasticity

Primarily, testing the elasticity of the hair is considered as one of the most accurate tests to hair health. Perform the ultimate test of durability by stretching the hair like a rubber band. It should not be too hard to pull, nor should it break away easily.