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The Theory of scalp massages

There is no doubt about it. A Standardised scalp massage can definitely promote hair growth.

Massaging is an activity that works on the soft tissues of the body. It eases stresses and muscular tension. This promotes relaxation due to increased blood flow and oxygen to the area. In many cases, it is also used as a support therapy to facilitate rehabilitation of muscular injuries. Head massage is a concentrated action that focuses only on the head and scalp. Where circulating levels of DHT are held culprit to most the hair loss difficulties, there are also phases that don’t necessarily coincide with the raging male hormone. It is more to do with unhealthy lifestyle choices such as late nights, too much alcohol, a high-carb diet and significant weight gain. With the condition, healthy dietary recommendations are undoubtedly the norm; most individuals may or may not choose to follow the culinary suggestions. But for those who do and notice a slight difference, adding massage to their list of deeds will certainly improve their chances of a full head.

Benefits of scalp massages

Scalp massage technique