Do anti-dandruff shampoos cause hair loss?

If you have been plagued by dandruff, then you certainly must have tried an anti-dandruff shampoo. Predominantly, these shampoos are equipped with Selenium Sulphide that acts as an anti-fungal agent to address the itching and irritation on the scalp. While….

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Stop Hair Loss Due To Tight Hair Styles

While losing hair is a part of everyone’s natural life, sometimes hair thinning, beyond a limit, can be devastating. Most hair loss issues are attributed to hormones, genetics, heredity and a number of other factors. One of the predominant causes….

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How do amino acids benefit hair growth?

Hair growth stimulation can be successfully achieved if you could only add amino acids to your diet. Hair is predominantly composed of keratin, which is a special kind of protein. And keratin is typically made up of amino acids. While….

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Does acupuncture help with hair loss?

An alternative medical therapy, Acupuncture saw its birth in China thousands of years ago. It has remained popular for centuries now and is used to treat a variety of ailments from back pain to headaches. Traditional Chinese medicine relates acupuncture….

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How Does A Head Massage Help In Hair Growth?

Science is still looking for an answer to balding. There is, however, no real effective means of accelerating hair growth or even regrowth for that matter. Each month hair grows about half an inch or around 1.2 to 1.5 cm….

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Temperatures Could Affect The Growth Of Hair

As unfortunate as it might seem, temperatures do take a toll on the hair’s appearance and its health. Whether you are using the hot iron extensively or if the weather is too cold, dry or hot, the rise or fall….

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Lifestyle Factors That Cause Hair Loss

For most of us, hair loss is an issue that has to be dealt with seriously. In many cases, these are only resolvable with professional intervention. In some, this is not an alternative either, because hair loss is permanent. Hair….

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Blood Pressure Medications Cause Hair Loss

While medications are meant to treat a variety of health conditions, one of the most unwanted side effects of these is hair loss. And then there are also certain drugs that cause changes in hair texture and colour and contribute….

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Is Hair Spa Good For Hair?

Today, most of the advanced beauty salons offer a hair spa treatment. A fairly new trend, the term hair spa itself is a derivative from body spa, which actually leaves you rejuvenated physically. Synonymously, the hair spa is meant to….

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