Know your dandruff type? Itchy, scaly or greasy?

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In general, men and women who lead a stressful lifestyle or travel miles together under the hot sun are prone to severe hair fall. They should exercise caution and look out for longtime remedies when they start seeing severe hair loss, dandruff, flakes or frizz.

Before going into the details of professional hair grooming, there are certain vital factors that you should carefully examine before taking the next course of action.

What constitutes beautiful and healthy hair?

There are varieties of hairstyles like straight, wavy, curly, and thick hair when it comes to hair type. When you do not pay proper attention to your hair, you may fall prey to dandruff, frizzy, dry, and dull inches. There are varieties of dandruff that may attack your hair when you do not use organic shampoos free from dangerous chemicals.

Listed below are some of the dandruff types.

Itchy dandruff:

You may start suffering from severe dandruff when oil settles on your scalps. When oil starts accumulating steadily on your head, you will end up catching scales of dandruff. You will feel the irritation on your skin which will indirectly result in itchy dandruff.

You will be tempted to scratch your head frequently, which will ultimately put you in an embarrassing position. If you do not take proper precautions, you will fall prey to seborrheic dermatitis, a rare disease that affects the scalpel region.

Scaly dandruff:

Scales of dandruff, dust, and dirt will start accumulating on your head when you do not regularly wash or shampoo your hair. When scales of dandruff accumulate, you may end up catching severe dermatitis or skin irritations.

You can drive away scaly dandruff when you start using organic shampoos and conditioners that contains plant, fruit, floral and vegetable-based ingredients.

Greasy dandruff:

When yellow flakes, grease, and oil accumulate on your hair, you may fall prey to greasy dandruff. Your hair will get a dull and dry look when grease dandruff develops gradually on your head. You can get rid of greasy dandruff when you start using naturally prepared hair shampoos and conditioners that contain organic components like a plant, fruit, vegetable and floral extracts.

Are there time-tested hair care tips for preventing dandruff?

Listed below are top hair care tips which haircare experts and doctors suggest. You can try these time-tested methods before approaching experienced physicians.

Regular Hair washing and shampooing. Adults and kids should wash their hair regularly. Stay away from inferior quality shampoos that contain sulfur, detergents, surfactants and foaming agents. It would help if you explored the product label before buying organic shampoos from online cosmetic shops.

Do not wash your hair daily since water may penetrate deep inside your scalpel region and damage your hair roots.

Hairstyling equipment and products

Stop using inferior quality haircare equipment and products and start using branded and quality-certified products like hair driers, blowers, and fans from the house of reputed sellers.

Hair and scalp massage

It would be best if you poured few drops of organic hair oil on your palm and gently spread it on your head. After massaging it, allow it to settle on your head for few minutes. Once again, gently massage the oil and pour warm water on your head. Never use chemical-enriched oils since they may damage the pores and weaken your scalpel region.

You can control split-ends, severe hair fall, breakage of hair, and dandruff when you start using branded hair shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients like cocoa Nucifera oil and hibiscus extracts Vaswani flower extracts, dandelion flower extracts and bay leaves.