How to Prevent Hair Fall Naturally

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The problem

Hair loss - telogen effluvium - is a diffuse hair loss that usually develops due to stress and/or physical trauma. Though temporary, it is also often associated with hormonal imbalances. The result of such an imbalance could be a congenital issue, a surgery, some kind of emotional turmoil or an illness. The most common answer to baldness still remains in genetics. Where Male Pattern Baldness constitutes 95% of all alopecia and the remaining 5% is due to other etiologies.

Shedding hair leads to loss of confidence. Lifestyle choices among others are the biggest culprits to a bald head. The best way to combat hair fall naturally is by implementing healthy hair care and awareness methodologies that can help retain the healthy hair on the head.

The treatment

Topical treatments such as oil massages to the scalp can promote good blood circulation and activate the hair follicles. Use essential oils preferably coconut or almond oil and massage slowly with your fingertips. With these, the increase in the flow of blood strengthens the roots of your hair and also conditions your scalp.

Hot oil treatments using any natural oil such as saffola or canola can also prevent hair fall. Egg oil massages restore nourishment to your cell membranes.

Juices of garlic, ginger and onion keep hair and scalp healthy due to their anti-bacterial properties. Harmful germs are eliminated, hair follicles are revived, blood circulation is enhanced and any inflammatory irritants are also reduced.

Green tea also contains anti-oxidants that prevent hair loss and so does the juice of potato.

Lifestyle changes can greatly impact hair growth. The food you consume should be protein-rich and should also include vitamin B12.

Brushing wet hair and also excessive blow drying can cause hair loss. It is best to avoid the abrasive actions.

Reducing stress levels through meditation and exercise can minimize hair loss.

Vitamin intake into your daily regimen can maintain hair health. Incorporate vitamin A, Omega-3, vitamin E and all B vitamins. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant, omega-3 contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E stimulates blood circulation and all B vitamins facilitate the production of melanin – it gives hair a healthy colour.

The consumption of saw palmetto can arrest the production of DHT that is one of the biggest contributors to hair loss.

Besides the above, there are also remedies inclusive of neem leaves, aloe vera and curd. Neem is known for its range of medicinal properties, and aloe vera contains enzymes that directly promote hair growth.