How should wet hair be dried for people with existing hair fall issue?

/ Blog / How should wet hair be dried for people with existing hair fall issue?

The hair is a vital part of a body, and improper hair care may result in extreme hair loss and other health problems. Men and women should take maximum efforts to safeguard your hair from diseases and damages, especially when you are struggling with severe hair loss.

Healthy hair is a sign of good health and prosperity. It is worth noting that you are being judged by how you look and dress. You can become an influencer and team-up with socially elite people only when you maintain your hair properly using organically prepared quality and branded shampoos, soaps, and gels.

Hair grooming is an important task which you should never neglect. A well-groomed man will get that red-carpet welcome and royal treatment. It applies even to women, especially young girls who are still in their teens. Your friends and family members will stay away from you if you do not take care of your hair.

Both men and women should take immediate action if they suffer from problems like split ends, frizzy hair, itchy scalps, dull hair, and entangled hair.

Stop using commercial shampoos and soaps

You may have a question in your mind – Can I daily use a hairdryer when I suffer from hair loss? Yes, you can use hairdryers occasionally if you are experiencing severe hair loss. People tend to use hairdryers daily without understanding the fact that it may pose a threat to their health.

Stop wasting time and act fast if you are losing plenty of hair regularly and follow the steps highlighted below seriously if they want to get back that bouncing and healthy hair.

  • If you have the habit of taking a head bath daily, then stop this practice immediately and take a head bath once or twice a week.
  • You should stop using chemical-based shampoos, gels, and other hair care products and start using naturally prepared branded shampoos.
  • You should apply a few drops of coconut oil on your head and leave it like that for a few minutes before taking a head bath.
  • Take measures to use a clean and fresh towel for drying your hair.
  • You should not apply too much pressure on the scalp during the drying process.
  • Never place the hairdryer directly on your scalp since the heat may pose a risk.
  • Men and women should take measures to reduce the blow speed of the hairdryer to the bare minimum and place the dryer’s nozzle a few inches away from the scalp.
  • You should use a hairdryer occasionally if you are experiencing severe hair loss.

You will start seeing positive improvements when you start applying the above steps. You cannot stop hair loss if it is due to genetic factors. People who are experiencing uncontrollable hair loss should fix an appointment with a senior dermatologist who shall prescribe the best medicines and shampoos.

You should also eat foods that are high in fibre, nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. You can see sea improvements in health and hair growth if you use all-natural organic shampoos and products that come from reputed sellers. Feel free to post all your questions related to hair problems on this page to get the best answers from senior haircare specialists.