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What is hair dyeing?

Considered as one of the oldest beauty preparations, hair dyes or hair colouring is a treatment that can temporarily modify the existing colour of your hair. Introduced for cosmetic reasons, hair dyes were predominantly used to cover grey or white hairs, which was considered fashionable. The original hair colour could thereafter, be restored after a few hair dressing processes. The ancient art prescribed the use of several compounds that were obtained from plants.

Hair Dye

The composition of hair dyes:

With the evolution of colouring, today, hair dyes contain two main ingredients – hydrogen peroxide (which is the developer and an oxidizing agent) and ammonia – the alkaline agent that acts as a catalyst to lighten or change the colour of the hair. Besides these, the product could also contain PPD or para-phenylenediamine made from coal tar, DMDM Hydantoin that releases formaldehyde, parabens – a common preservative, lead acetate – a colour additive and Resorcinol.

Different types of hair dyes

Understanding damage caused due to hair dyes and preventing them

Hair colouring and bleaching agents can be extremely corrosive and any overuse or improper use can permanently damage the hair. The chemicals are particularly destructive when they are left on for too long or if their concentration is very high. Hair bleaching comes with harmful effects and is considered as the most damaging.

Hair dyes work by raising the outer cuticle right up to the surface and penetrating the protective structures of the hair resulting in a rapid and continuous loss of moisture.

To avoid damage due to hair colouring: