How Does A Head Massage Help In Hair Growth?

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Science is still looking for an answer to balding. There is, however, no real effective means of accelerating hair growth or even regrowth for that matter. Each month hair grows about half an inch or around 1.2 to 1.5 cm as humans are genetically conditioned to grow it that way. But then again, for those with heredity that adjudges baldness, hair fall is inevitable and scientifically solutions to permanent balding are still pending. Although, with proper and sustained care, hair can grow strong, healthy and shiny, even if the growth is slow. There are other ‘remedies’ to lengthen hair quickly, such as hair extensions. These are not recommended due to their corrosive nature. Extensions are clipped to the hair or scalp, resulting in traction or pulling of the hair leading to hair fall. Another remedy to hair growth is to massage.

Grow your hair fast

There is a good reason why hair growth speeds up with a scalp massage. This is due to the enhanced blood flow and circulation. With this, the hair receives all the nutrients required for growth. The best starting condition for every individual hair is ensured with increased circulation. Even then the activity is, in general, beneficial for our well-being. Hair growth is particularly stimulated with two types of massage techniques.

Reach all your fingers into the hair and pull it gently. The tension should be just enough to relax you. Do not pull on the hair till it hurts. This should be done for all the hair on the head. Another technique is the tapping massage. For this, you might use a medium such as a hair tonic or ethereal citrus oil. Wet your fingers with the solution, by dipping them, and then use your fingertips to tap your scalp in a gentle rhythm. The action should also be relatively fast.

Hair Growth

Planning the massage

The best time to massage your head is when you are shampooing in the shower. Alternatively, before you step into the shower, when your hair is dry you could use a little bit of time to work both hands across the surface of the scalp. You do not need any oil or serum, but a little bit of natural oil or invigorating scents such as mint or eucalyptus oil can be helpful.

A regular scalp massage with a kneading motion particularly aids in stimulating and increasing blood flow into the scalp while warming it up.