Is Hair Spa Good For Hair?

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Today, most of the advanced beauty salons offer a hair spa treatment. A fairly new trend, the term hair spa itself is a derivative from body spa, which actually leaves you rejuvenated physically. Synonymously, the hair spa is meant to rejuvenate your hair completely.

Is hair spa good for hair?

Google this question, and you will get a range of answers, all of them positive, brand value boosters, of course.I would say the answer is pretty relative. Knowing the basic process encompassed in a hair spa routine, if all of it were to be followed, then certainly there are benefits. But most providers resort to economisation and offer ‘packages’ that often do not include the entire hair spa routine.

Hair Spa

For those who get a complete hair spa, here is what it can do for you.

Hair roots are strengthened

Hair fall is one of the most likely consequences if hair is weak. Under-nourished hair becomes dull and tends to break. That is why the hair spa provides a moisturising routine that revitalises the hair roots and the follicles to strengthen them.

Oil secretions are normalised

Pores in the scalp tend to get clogged and stagnate due to excessive oil secretion by the sebaceous glands. While it is not unusual for hair to attract dirt and grime these accumulations only result in fungal infections and profuse loss of hair. A spa therapy for the hair works wonders especially when greasy hair is treated to normalise oil secretions to a level that is apt for the scalp and the hair.

Blood circulation and cell metabolism

With a head massage, the hair follicles will receive more oxygen because the blood circulation is improved. Nutrients are carried through the blood to the scalp improving hair growth and cell metabolism.

Impurities are eliminated

Hair growth therapy routine includes repair of damaged hair. The pores of the scalp are de-clogged, all dirt, pollutants and contaminants are extracted and hair is provided a stimulus for growth. The resultant hair is bouncy, shiny and strong thus fixing hair fall, dandruff and any prior harm to the hair.

Overall, a hair spa is a stress-relieving routine. At the end of it all, you are relaxed. After the head massage, as you get a hair wash, your stress is washed away as well. You are left feeling absolutely refreshed. One of the major disadvantages of such a routine is maintaining continuity. Unfortunately, we tend to invest in a hair spa only once. But ideally, this should be a regular – if not daily – weekly routine. A thing to note also is that hair spas are not good for coloured hairs.