Hair Care Tips For Swimmers

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If you are ready to hit the pool, you must definitely be equipped with enough sunscreen. Then, what about your hair?

Entering the water without enough protection can leave your hair frizzy and tangled. You may have invested a lot of money trying to maintain your hair and you wouldn’t let a single pool day ruin it for you. The salty waters of the sea or the chemicals in the pool – both are equally bad for the hair. Besides, the variety of styles, perms, highlights and other treatments that you put your hair through only aggravate the situation when you enter the treated or untreated waters for a dip.

Hair Care Tips For Swimmers

Quick tips for swimmers:

After you have completed your swimming sessions:

A Bag with hair care essentials:

It is a great idea to prepare beforehand for you go swimming. Carry a bag of these essentials especially for your hair: