Daily Hair Mistakes Leading To Baldness

Your everyday activities such as skipping breakfast or using inappropriate styling products can lead to hair thinning. Food choices, common styling habits, and bad hair care routines can lead to hair loss and eventually baldness. Several men and women across….

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Does acupuncture help with hair loss?

An alternative medical therapy, Acupuncture saw its birth in China thousands of years ago. It has remained popular for centuries now and is used to treat a variety of ailments from back pain to headaches. Traditional Chinese medicine relates acupuncture….

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Genetic Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Also known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness or MPB can affect people of any age. Usually, it starts right above the temples typically in the shape of the alphabet ‘M’. Over a period of time, hair loss keeps attacking….

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Could Stress be The Cause of Men’s Baldness?

While extreme anxiety and panic attacks can affect anyone, dealing with these can be really difficult not to mention, treating the condition itself can be arduous. Undergoing a CBT or Cognitive Behavioural therapy that can help with the situation but….

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How to avoid baldness at a young age?

What is premature baldness? As shocking or even sad as it may seem, men are now inching towards baldness in their 20s itself. Call it genetics, stress or anything else premature baldness seems to have taken a leap forward. Now….

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