Importance of pH levels in Shampoo for hair

As defined by chemistry, pH stands for potential Hydrogen levels. This is an extremely essential constituent of healthy hair. The element is responsible for the vibrant colour of your hair and its overall health and shine. You routinely use shampoos….

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Genetic Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Also known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness or MPB can affect people of any age. Usually, it starts right above the temples typically in the shape of the alphabet ‘M’. Over a period of time, hair loss keeps attacking….

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Herbal Treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia for women

Hair loss has many causes such as diet, stress, inflammation, and certain diseases. There are several chemical hair loss treatments that are available in the market but simple dietary changes and natural treatments can actually control hair loss due to….

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Natural DHT Blockers That Help Stop Hair Loss

What is DHT and what are DHT blockers? To understand DHT blockers, let us explore the functions of DHT. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is derived from testosterone, which is a hormone. In males, it plays a key role in the development….

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Surgical Hair Restoration in Women

Surgery for hair restoration in women is rare. Very few women encounter a situation that requires a hair transplant. This is because women are not genetically disposed to a pattern of baldness that is similar to men. Mostly 90% of….

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Stimulate Hair Growth After Cancer Treatment

Any form of cancer can have harmful effects. For individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer at any stage, hair fall as a result of treatment is inevitable. Typically, hair loss for different known treatments for cancer progresses as follows:….

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Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

Tattoo ideas for bald men and women… What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation? An amazingly innovative alternate styling option, scalp micro pigmentation or SMP (as it is abbreviated) is a medical hairline tattoo that is non-surgical in nature. Be it the….

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Non Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions

Nonsurgical hair replacement systems can solve a lot of problems, immediately. Restorations without surgery are largely considered safer than micro-grafts or surgical hair transplantation procedures and other chemical treatments. The 21st century brought, along with itself advancements not just in….

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What Are The Treatment Options For Hair Loss?

Hair loss in men For as long as balding has existed men have been constantly looking for hair loss treatments that can help them. History is full of crazy concoctions that may or may not have worked. If you browse,….

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