History of hair transplantation surgery

Over the past 15 years, hair transplantation has changed dramatically. First, there were standard punch grafts, which gradually got upgraded to mini and micro grafting that finally gave way to the revolutionary follicular unit grafting that we know of today…..

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Can Hair Transplantation Create a New Hairline

Hair is regarded as the aesthetic part of the face and when there is hair loss and thinning, individuals turn to hair transplantation to address the bald areas of the head. The procedure covers up spots on the scalp that….

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The Typical Cost Of A Hair Transplant

What is a hair transplant? A hair transplant is generally labelled as a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the transfer of hair follicles from the healthy part of the scalp to the balding areas. Done in a professional medical….

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Hair Transplant Procedures

Defining the hair transplant procedure A surgeon (preferably a dermatological specialist) will move hair from another part of the body to place it into the head’s bald area. Typically the donor areas or the area from where the hair is….

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After Hair Transplant Take Care Of Your Hair

What is hair transplantation? Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure used to treat male pattern baldness. The procedure attempts to fill balding patches of the scalp with hair. There are different types of hair surgery inclusive of flap surgery, scalp….

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What Is The Preferred Age For Hair Transplant?

What is hair transplant? If you have decided to get a hair transplant, then you have made a huge decision. There are several things to consider – you have to pick the right clinic and should also decide the best….

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Risks and complications of hair transplantation surgery

What is hair transplant surgery? Hair transplant or hair restoration surgery is one of the most popular and sought after aesthetic treatments. Genetics account for most of the alopecia that brings with it denigration. The aetiology if hair loss is….

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