Does stress cause hair fall?

Stress and anxiety are some of the significant causes of health problems. People who lead a stressful life may fall prey to headaches, nausea, and hair loss. Extreme psychological distress is the leading cause of severe hair fall in men….

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Why Biotin can help support healthy hair

Hair is an essential part of the human body, and the most crucial hair is one that grows on our head, is nothing but dead filaments that contain proteins and keratins. Dandruff, hair loss, balding are some of the most….

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Inflammation can cause hair loss

Often inflammation is considered as an internal issue, but there are external signs of inflammation in the form of swelling and irritation that can lead to hair loss. While all inflammations are not created equally, they need not be bad….

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Daily Hair Mistakes Leading To Baldness

Your everyday activities such as skipping breakfast or using inappropriate styling products can lead to hair thinning. Food choices, common styling habits, and bad hair care routines can lead to hair loss and eventually baldness. Several men and women across….

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Microbes May Help Hair Loss

It is scientifically ‘proven’ that there is no plausible solution for those who suffer from a hair loss condition such as alopecia Universalis. Yet a recent study accomplished some time in 2017 revealed that two individuals with chronic digestive disease….

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Lead to Hair Loss

While healthy hair follicles are highly productive, the speed and density of hair growth vary by individual. On average, each year, the follicles are capable of producing around 6 inches of hair. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet….

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Can omega 3 help reduce hair loss?

Consumed by adults Omega-3 supplements are commonly used other than the vitamins and minerals that are added into a daily health routine. Omega-3 offers several health benefits such as minimizing inflammation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis, improving mood, protection against….

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Can weight loss cause hair problems?

Rapid weight loss whether intentional or unintentional is bound to affect your hair. Often considered as a gateway to an impending health issue, sudden hair loss is not a good indication. In fact, it could mean the advent of an….

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Can sleep deprivation lead to hair loss?

Both sleep deprivation and hair loss are universal issues. While hair growth and subsequently its loss can be influenced by many factors, sleep does play a big part by allowing the body to repair itself. Research suggests that about 40%….

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