Testing Your Long Hair For Health

For most of us, the length of our hair is one of our main goals. But it would be a long time before you begin seeing some results. Once you have achieved your objective, you must also ensure that you….

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How do amino acids benefit hair growth?

Hair growth stimulation can be successfully achieved if you could only add amino acids to your diet. Hair is predominantly composed of keratin, which is a special kind of protein. And keratin is typically made up of amino acids. While….

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How Does A Head Massage Help In Hair Growth?

Science is still looking for an answer to balding. There is, however, no real effective means of accelerating hair growth or even regrowth for that matter. Each month hair grows about half an inch or around 1.2 to 1.5 cm….

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Do Curry Leaves lead to hair growth?

Curry leaves also known as sweet neem leaves are not new to Indian dishes. The leaves enhance the aroma, flavour and taste of the dish. Simultaneously, curry leaves come with several health benefits. They can control cholesterol, strengthen the digestive….

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Does Shaving Head Help In Hair Growth?

To be honest, if you think shaving your head can help in growing thicker and gorgeous hair, you might just about be mistaken. Hair growth depends on your genetics, lifestyle, hormones and other factors and has no relevance to shaving….

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Protein Diet Is Important For Hair Growth

You probably know that having an egg a day actually boosts hair growth. This is because eggs are a rich in protein content. They help in the growth of thick, long and lustrous hair when used in your hair care….

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Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth

Rice water is considered as one of the most powerful natural alternative treatments for hair growth. It is also one of the cheapest treatments available. Water from rice has long been considered as the secret to the beauty of Asian….

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Protein Treatment for Natural Hair Growth

A complete health supplement or a protein-rich diet are the two key methods to improve hair growth. Hair care treatments may include topical applications and other grooming methods that can strengthen the structure of the hair. But incorporating it into….

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Usage Of Phthalates in Hair Growth Products For Women

What are phthalates and where are they used? One of the most common and even popularly used chemical in the world, phthalates are liquids that are colourless and oily in consistency. They are essentially plasticisers (dimethyl phthalate or DMP) that….

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