Can hair sprays cause breakage and hair loss?

Also known as spritz or lacquer, hair sprays are commonly-used hairstyling products that are meant to protect the hair against wind and excessive humidity. Typically, the product is built out of several components including a propellant, lustre agents, concentrates, and….

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Genetic hair loss in females

Also known as androgenic alopecia, female genetic hair loss is a pattern baldness that particularly affects women. While there is a lot of similarity between male pattern and female pattern baldness, the framework in women is slightly different. Especially as….

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Importance of pH levels in Shampoo for hair

As defined by chemistry, pH stands for potential Hydrogen levels. This is an extremely essential constituent of healthy hair. The element is responsible for the vibrant colour of your hair and its overall health and shine. You routinely use shampoos….

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Do Curry Leaves lead to hair growth?

Curry leaves also known as sweet neem leaves are not new to Indian dishes. The leaves enhance the aroma, flavour and taste of the dish. Simultaneously, curry leaves come with several health benefits. They can control cholesterol, strengthen the digestive….

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Can hair extensions harm your hair?

Hair extensions can be a really tempting quick fix especially if you have thinning hair or a short haircut. There are many celebrities who often opt for hair extensions due to rapid change in hairstyles. This is because the technology….

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Does Shaving Head Help In Hair Growth?

To be honest, if you think shaving your head can help in growing thicker and gorgeous hair, you might just about be mistaken. Hair growth depends on your genetics, lifestyle, hormones and other factors and has no relevance to shaving….

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Protein Diet Is Important For Hair Growth

You probably know that having an egg a day actually boosts hair growth. This is because eggs are a rich in protein content. They help in the growth of thick, long and lustrous hair when used in your hair care….

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Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth

Rice water is considered as one of the most powerful natural alternative treatments for hair growth. It is also one of the cheapest treatments available. Water from rice has long been considered as the secret to the beauty of Asian….

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What causes grey hair in your 20’s?

If you discover that you have grey hair even before you have reached your 30’s then you may have to retrace your steps to find out the actual causes. It is not uncommon to find white hair on your head….

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