Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Hair Loss

A very common skin condition, seborrhoeic dermatitis appears in the form of itchy rashes on the scalp and resembles conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, etc. The patches are scaly and can easily form dandruff that is pretty tenacious. Besides the….

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Protein Treatment for Natural Hair Growth

A complete health supplement or a protein-rich diet are the two key methods to improve hair growth. Hair care treatments may include topical applications and other grooming methods that can strengthen the structure of the hair. But incorporating it into….

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Does Sweating Lead To Hair Loss?

If you think sweating is good for health, then you may have to still think twice. While sweating is a reactive mechanism of the body to remove toxins, it also secretes lactic acid, which is actually bad for the hair…..

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Genetic Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Also known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness or MPB can affect people of any age. Usually, it starts right above the temples typically in the shape of the alphabet ‘M’. Over a period of time, hair loss keeps attacking….

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Can Dyeing Hair Cause Cancer?

This is probably one of the most perennial questions ever asked. An increasing number of men and women use hair dyes. There are also several speculations about the link between cancer and hair dyes. Studies have also been conducted around….

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Hair Care Tips For The Spring Season

The spring season can be really hard on your hair. While you are outside a lot more, you will experience dryness, eventual follicle damage, and hair loss. The temperatures start rising and the sun gets hotter slowly. This will only….

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Could Stress be The Cause of Men’s Baldness?

While extreme anxiety and panic attacks can affect anyone, dealing with these can be really difficult not to mention, treating the condition itself can be arduous. Undergoing a CBT or Cognitive Behavioural therapy that can help with the situation but….

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Ancient Hair Care Tips for Men

If you think you have been trying some outrageous tricks to grow your hair, then you must stop and take a look at these ancient hair care tips for men. Hair loss can affect both men and women and it….

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