Does smoothing serum control hair fall?

Good personal hygiene is vital in today’s world for various reasons. Men and women can lead to a successful life only when they follow proper personal hygiene. Body and hair care plays a vital role, without which you cannot lead….

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Does stress cause hair fall?

Stress and anxiety are some of the significant causes of health problems. People who lead a stressful life may fall prey to headaches, nausea, and hair loss. Extreme psychological distress is the leading cause of severe hair fall in men….

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Why use a sulphate-free shampoo

The vast majority of the people in this world irrespective of gender and age apply varieties of lather-rich shampoos on their heads every day without understanding the dangers of using it. They do not take measures to explore the ingredients….

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Why Biotin can help support healthy hair

Hair is an essential part of the human body, and the most crucial hair is one that grows on our head, is nothing but dead filaments that contain proteins and keratins. Dandruff, hair loss, balding are some of the most….

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Ludwig Scale – Measuring Female Pattern Baldness

Hair loss can have a really negative impact on life. People experiencing hair loss, generally, lose confidence, and feel insecure. The idea of hair thinning does not go down well with either men or women. And especially with women, who….

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Inflammation can cause hair loss

Often inflammation is considered as an internal issue, but there are external signs of inflammation in the form of swelling and irritation that can lead to hair loss. While all inflammations are not created equally, they need not be bad….

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Testing Your Long Hair For Health

For most of us, the length of our hair is one of our main goals. But it would be a long time before you begin seeing some results. Once you have achieved your objective, you must also ensure that you….

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