Know your dandruff type? Itchy, scaly or greasy?

In general, men and women who lead a stressful lifestyle or travel miles together under the hot sun are prone to severe hair fall. They should exercise caution and look out for longtime remedies when they start seeing severe hair….

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What is to be noticed when we buy shampoo & conditioner?

There has been a significant shift in consumer awareness about good health and wellness. The positive news is that adults and children are shifting their focus toward organic and chemical-free hair care products. It is imperative to note that Hair….

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Can only water be used for relaxed hair wash?

Hair is a brittle and soft protein filament that safeguards your head from external perils. People who profusely sweat or struggle with hair problems should take a head bath regularly. A question may now arise in your mind- How many….

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Conditioner for the hair or scalp?

Consistent exposure to pollution, carbon, and toxic chemicals can damage the hair quickly. You can save your head from frizz, dandruff, and dryness only when you start using naturally prepared Hair shampoos and conditioners from the house of the branded….

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Does smoothing serum control hair fall?

Good personal hygiene is vital in today’s world for various reasons. Men and women can lead to a successful life only when they follow proper personal hygiene. Body and hair care plays a vital role, without which you cannot lead….

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Does stress cause hair fall?

Stress and anxiety are some of the significant causes of health problems. People who lead a stressful life may fall prey to headaches, nausea, and hair loss. Extreme psychological distress is the leading cause of severe hair fall in men….

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