Hair Loss in Women Due to Traction Alopecia

What is traction alopecia? Hair is lost gradually due to the force induced applied to it in the form of tight braids and ponytails. The hair is under constant strain and tension that pulls at it forcefully. On physical examination,….

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Progesterone Therapy for Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is a precursor to a medical condition. Even though it is a natural process carried out by the body, excessive hair loss is indicative of a serious underlying health issue. A usual hair cycle sees shedding….

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Procyanidin b-2 For Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women has several causes such as hormonal imbalances, aging, illnesses, and other physical conditions. For example, chemotherapy is popularly known to cause reversible baldness. Other causes of prolonged hair loss conditions and hair thinning are inappropriate styling….

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Surgical Hair Restoration in Women

Surgery for hair restoration in women is rare. Very few women encounter a situation that requires a hair transplant. This is because women are not genetically disposed to a pattern of baldness that is similar to men. Mostly 90% of….

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What causes hair loss in women

Shedding about 50 to 100 hairs a day is considered normal. With this, there is no noticeable difference in the amount of hair that ideally rests on the scalp. There are no traces of thinning hair because new hair is….

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Usage Of Phthalates in Hair Growth Products For Women

What are phthalates and where are they used? One of the most common and even popularly used chemical in the world, phthalates are liquids that are colourless and oily in consistency. They are essentially plasticisers (dimethyl phthalate or DMP) that….

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Stimulate Hair Growth After Cancer Treatment

Any form of cancer can have harmful effects. For individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer at any stage, hair fall as a result of treatment is inevitable. Typically, hair loss for different known treatments for cancer progresses as follows:….

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Essential vitamins for hair growth

The effect of thinning hair and hair loss on self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence is denigrating. There are several restorative treatments available in the market that promise long, thick locks. The industry actually attracts a spending of a whopping $170 million….

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Hair Growth Products for Women

It is common to use chemicals in hair growth products. But these have often been considered as harmful. Hair growth (as well as regrowth) is specifically impeded due to the usage of shampoos and other hair products that contain these….

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Hair regrowth in women

Hair loss in women is an issue that leads to gross loss of self-esteem and in many cases causes psychological trauma. Where chances of successful treatment do increase with early diagnosis and care most of them suffer in silence, while….

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