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What is DHT blockers?

DHT is an androgen (male sex hormone) which is made from testosterone in the prostate,
Testes, and certain other Tissues. It's needed to develop and maintain male sex
characteristics, such as a deep voice, facial hair,and muscles.

What does DHT do to your hair?

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen produced as a byproduct of testosterone.
if you're genetically susceptible to hair loss,DHT can bind to receptors in your hair
follicles and cause them to shrink, weaken and eventually die.

How Regrowz works as a Natural
DHT Blockers?

A number of the ingredients are in our supplements but are they in strong enough
doses. Are we making a big enough noise about it?

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is perhaps the most popular natural DHT blocker and there’s a lot of evidence that proves its effectiveness in preventing or slowing
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Biotin is also known as vitamin H but actually is one the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. Biotin helps keep your hair
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You’ll find caffeine in a lot of grooming products, particularly those that deal with the skin and the hair. Caffeine extends and stimulates the life
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Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil has rare amino acids that have DHT blocking properties.

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Rosemary oil

Studies show that rosemary oil produces an increase in hair growth similar to minoxidil over a similar amount of time.
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Pygeum bark

Pygeum bark is another ingredient used to reduce levels of DHT, while it also relieves the side effects of an enlarged prostate.
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